To Be a "Troublemaker"

Why be a Troublemaker?
What is a Troublemaker?

Well, it’s a long story since I’ve been preparing for this column for a long time.

In the past few years, I spent a lot of time on things that others consider as burdens. Such as spraying plastic models, assembling a DIY portable screen, and using Vim instead of IDE software to do some coding stuff. It is because that many people think these things are unnecessary and time-consuming, I look like I’m making myself some trouble.

Why do it yourself when there’s already a mature product?

In fact, I really enjoy the process of learning new techniques and building stuffs of my own. It’s just like building your own toys, the same as assembling a Lego.

What is this column going to talk about?

My share on those “troublemaking” experience, it could be:

  • assembling some plastic models (gunpla, tanks, etc.)
  • building a PC or some other hardwares
  • some interesting coding stuff

Coming Soon…