Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy Review

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No Open World,
No Equipment System,
But still a great linear single-player game,
Or more like a 20-hour-long super hero movie.

GREAT 🚀 7.5/10

While major manufacturers are scrambling to make open-world games, Square Enix surprisingly chooses to make a game with only linear story. And after the fiasco of Marvel’s Avengers, it is hard to believe that SE made Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy such a good super hero game that saved the day.

A Traditional Cosmic Comic Book Story

Just like so many others around the world, when I was a boy, I also dreamed of driving a spaceship of my own and traveling in the galaxy. Fighting against space villains to save the whole universe, it feels so cool even just think about it. And thanks to Guardians of the Galaxy, you finally got the chance to achieve the childhood dream. In this game, you can play the role of Peter Quill, AKA Sun-Lord, or Star-Man Star-Lord, save his “daughter” and the entire universe at the same time, along with other members of Guardians of the Galaxy.

Screenshot 1

Great Characterisation for Multiple Roles

Though you spend most of the time playing Star-Lord, you can still enjoy the charm of other main characters. Each member of the team except that space alpaca has a highlight moment, and a mission that mainly tells his/her past. From the chats with other members, you can further learn about them, and discover more about their personalities and psychological issues. After you made some choices, they will act or treat you in different ways. And through this adventure, you’ll help everyone overcome his/her inner difficulties and unite them to stay tight to fight against the evils.

Screenshot 2

A Powerful and Shocking Performance

The best part of this game is its visual effects and performance. Without pre-produced videos, everything looks greatly natural. The blast, laser, and explosion are always at the perfect timing. And also thanks to the “Classic Oldies”, scenes both in the battles and animations all look amazing.

Screenshot 3

Screenshot 4

Average-Level Combat

In contrast to the visual impact and auditory shock, the combat leaves a lot more to be desired. In the combat, what you can do can be summary into only three simple things: attack, hide, and give orders. Though every character has 4 active skills, you can only experience them from Star-Lord’s perspective. This could be better if the combat become just like Final Fantasy 7 RE, in which you can easily swap characters during the combat. Many animations of execution are also repetitive, every enemy type only has a single execution, which makes the combat even more boring. Moreover, the scenario interaction definitely cannot be considered as fluent and smooth. For example, sometimes you give Destroyer an order to throw a giant stone, and without any movement, he suddenly transport to the interactive point.

Screenshot 5

Screenshot 6


In conclusion, though the combat cannot be called enjoyable, the characters and performance still make this game worth playing, especially for those comic fans and cosmic fans. In this case, I give Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy a 7.5 grade, which means even with some drawbacks, it is still a great game. Also, as a fan of both comics and movies of Guardians of the Galaxy, I can give this a game a 8.5 on scale of 10. If you are a fan of Guardians of the Galaxy, and you are not averse to ARPG games, you must try this game.